A small selection of informative, educational, and/or entertaining reading material:

None Dare Call It Conspiracy
Seminal work by Gary Allen, about how and why our country and way of life is being attacked from without and within.

The classic by the master, George Orwell.

Animal Farm
Another wonder by George Orwell.

It Can't Happen Herre
Fiction (or prophesy?) by Sinclair Lewis about a fractured USA.

Alas Babylon
Post nuke life in a small town. A classic by Pat Frank.

Industrial Society and Its Future
Theodore Kaczynski's manifesto on the state of society.

Between the Lines of Drift
Eric Rudolph's story, includes his motivations and methods.

Camp of the Saints
By Jean Raspail, tells of the final tipping point of the invasion of migrants in Europe. Glimpses of the start can be seen in current (5/2021) news stories from Spain.

Standby from James Wesley, Rawles (SurvivalBlog.com) about the best prepared preppers surviving an economic collapse.

Civil War 2
One look at how the US might breakup during a Civil War by Thomas Chittum.

Earth Abides
What happens after a major depopulation event as told by George Stewart.

The Road to Wigan Pier
Long before 1984, George Orwell writes of English class issues.

Sten Mk2
Once common, Sten Mk2 parts kits have dried up on the market. Here are the complete machine plans to build your own.

Lightning Link Plans
Dropping one of these in your AR-15 will cause it to go from pew pew to brrrrrt.

More to come...