About ShotgunMilitia.com...

Why the name?

It's a funny story (not really).
Back in the early 2000s, an Internet hoax was started by a guy named John Titor. He claimed to have come from the future to pick up an old computer to help fix the Unix 2038 problem.
While in our time, he dropped some hints of things to come and some personal info about himself.
One of the things he shared was that, as a teen, he had joined a "shotgun militia" during a civil war in the US.
The term "shotgun militia" just sort of stuck. The image of the average rural denizen, defending their home and lifestyle with an old, singleshot shotgun is powerful to me.

Ok, so what is it?

Ideas or information which is outside the socially acceptable norm is quickly disappearing from the Internet.
Unfortunately, what is becoming socially acceptable is both narrowing in scope and definition and leaning in a degenerate direction.
Once deviant acts and ideas are now mainstream while the once wholesome and good are relegated to the scrap heap and deemed unacceptable.
There used to be a site (WoodpileReport.com) which was updated weekly with plainspoken bits of wisdom, both original and found elsewhere. Unfortunately, Ol'Remus has passed away.
I don't plan to replace the Woodpile Report. This site aims to be a safe haven for some things which remain good and true, regardless of the current societal trend toward decay
A basic website, like that old shotgun, defending things worth saving.

Is that all?

But wait, there's more!
From time to time, I'll be sharing memes, quotes, and opinions. Some mine but mostly from people smarter and funnier than me.
The store will just be my own kind of online "yard sale" and maybe some fun stuff like t-shirts.

Want to contribute content?

Great! Send me an email at info@shotgunmilitia.com.
Let me know if you want your contribution to be kept anonymous.